Culture/Tradition/Social Practice

Culture is the symbolization of human deliberate reasoning in response to the immediate environment. It is not created by any individuals, but an integrated system of learnt behavior generated subconsciously by a group when collective interactions and interests are shared. The manifestation of culture is an evolving abstraction that is open for interpretation, for any member in a group has the power to reshape and reinterpret it.

Tradition is the continual presence and principle of spirit in a culture that ensures the continuity and identity of the moral attitude through successive generations. The manifestation of tradition roots in the preservation of memory and knowledge that are communicated, gathered, and formulated throughout the history from the conscience of collectives. It implies spontaneous assimilations of the past in understanding the present without breaking the continuous progression of a society’s life.

Social Practice:
Social practice is the conceptual content of personal attitudes towards social norms. It is manifested when reciprocal influences between individuals are constructed through sharing and exchange of information. Individual’s social practice is not necessarily changeable, for it depends on the individual’s willingness and ability to adapt according to the immediate social pattern of behavior.

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Definition of Culture, Tradition, and Social Practice
Work done by Kelly Wang & Simon Tse