Project 3 Ideas

Hey team,

Some of us were discussing the possibility of using the storefront space in downtown Syracuse to curate an exhibition, forum or another method of doing something outside of Slocum to materialize what we’ve been discussing in class. Just a rough idea, other suggestions? Perhaps this is a way we can show what U of M has been doing in Syracuse as well,


Rebecca Marsh


  1. Do we have a specific audience that we are aiming for by doing this? If we are just letting the public know what we are doing and what the class is about, I think this is quite good of a suggestion. If we want to make some changes, I think we may need something more than showing our thoughts.

  2. Yes, I think that is a great idea! I think we would need to produce a good amount of work to make it worth it.

  3. i would agree. I do like the idea of using that space down there but what would we specifically address? I would hate it to end up like public pool where there are things in a space that are not very relevant to anyone but the people directly involved.

  4. Hey guys, jsut wanted to voice an opinion from the other side ;). I think the potential for a downtown storefront to showcase whatever we do could be pretty interesting. Not having been to syracuse, I cant speak for the similarities or differences with Detroit that Nate mentioned in another post, but i do think that the target audience should be outside of the architecture building. However we ultimately engage in nongovernmentality and architecture in Detroit (which is seems like this last project will be doing in some way) needs to avoid to solipsistic, inward facing academic discourse that typically dominates architecture school exhibitions. With the potential work in Detroit, we seem to have a chance to harness a new national (if not international) awareness of the current situation in Detroit brought on by recent bankruptcy. I think the ability to tap into that awareness, with our particularly architectural lens could be exactly what you are all pointing to. As far as the concern about producing enough work, enough if we just produce maps, infographics, and complex Latourian actor-network diagrams, (however much some of you hate such things) we are already vastly more engaged than public pool.

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