What is redhouse?

Redhouse is a non-profit multi-arts organization founded in 2004 (when it was opened to the public). Originally it began when there was a group of local artists looking for a home, in 2001. It is a facility that provides art education and cultural activities to the CNY region. The three-story building was old and abandoned but the group of artists still saw potential and character despite the fact that it required some major renovations.  A campaign was organized in order to raise funds to renovate and transform the building from a previously known boarding house into a home for the arts.

As a part of the production, redhouse facilitates the public with a place to hold public, private special and corporate events.

The NYSCA (New York State Council on the Arts) typically assists any institution that supports artistic excellence and creative freedom in the New York region. They go about assisting such institutions through its grant making activity. Their main aim is to achieve cultural development in the State of New York.

Redhouse brief:

Red House Arts Center:

            -non-profit multi-arts organization founded in 2004

            -provides art education to the region

            -provides cultural activities


            -Professional theatre

            -music shows

            -dance shows

            -monthly radio shows

            -art education (5 programs)

            -art installations

            -independent film series

            -special events (private party spaces for rent)


       as an organization that is supposed to be community based and artist driven they are geared towards a certain subset of people

       pricey membership and event tickets

       maybe geared towards the professional community rather than the poorer communities (service/labor industry)

       even youth classes (redED) seem to be pricey for the average person

       seems to be geared at middle to upper class communities

       considered part of the connective corridor bus route but doesn’t really partake in being a part of the community

       seem to be more interested in the theatrical aspect than the singer/songwriter aspect (flaws in residency)


       Why are there no hours listed on the website?

       If they wanted to be seen as a community organization they should list hours and also be more inviting to the public?

       Why is there little to no publicity? Limited advertising seen.

       With limited amounts of advertising how do people find out about them in order to donate? (they claim to be dependent upon the donations of individuals).

       Is there another source of income?

Tanya Bhatia


  1. It’s strange that in a place like Syracuse, which could certainly benefit from art-activism similar to that of Untitled Bottega, a group like Red House would not embrace and engage the community in a similar way. There is so much potential in this city to take over abandoned buildings, or even just to make a vacant floor of a building into a gallery for local artists. The fact that they do not focus on creating a support system for young artists seems like a waste and a huge missed opportunity to improve a community. By bringing youth into a structured program (in the afternoons after school is out, or in the summer possibly) as well as taking over previously abandoned spaces, there would certainly be a possibility to create a safer city. Additionally, it would certainly be exciting to see urban art projects pop up spontaneously around Syracuse.

  2. It is interesting to see that Syracuse being a very diverse community it has not established a center for all to be displayed. There indeed are specific centers that target each community such as the Somali Refugees or even the Latino population at La Casita, but not one the brings them all together. Syracuse can definitely be a city of art that can express culture. It would be interesting to see if perhaps looking at each centers that do exist and integrating them for different cultural events. I also think advertisement is definitely an issue because even programs at La Casita or Red House are never over populated and most of the times its with students and not the community or vice-versa.

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