Victoria Brewster


  1. Has Redhouse seen much success with providing a mailing address to the homeless (in terms of how often it is used/has helped someone to gain employment… not sure if this is feasible information to obtain). And do they provide a phone number people can use as well to put on job applications? (Since I know it is difficult to hear back from an employer if you do not have a number they can call, and I am assuming many homeless people do not have a cell phone). What levels of “connection” are most important? Is it virtual space like internet access or is it providing the idea of a permanent residence to employers such as an address? Could an address (such as Redhouse’s) gain a certain stigma if becomes known as an address of the homeless?

  2. Homelessness is definitely a serious issue in Syracuse. I wonder what is the best solution for it – whether it is allowing more flexibility for homeless people to sleep in places where they feel like, or providing more shelters for them? Both of these approaches have advantage and disadvantage. Allowing flexibility may cause security and privacy issues. It may also cause a certain area to be overcrowded by homeless people. On the other hand, providing shelters may have issues also. The location of the shelters may not that preferable and accessible by homeless people, ending up with low usage and waste of money. I think it might be interesting to look into the difference in these two approaches and see which one is more useful, or maybe there is even some other possible approaches that is even more constructive.

  3. Homelessness is definitely a huge issue in Syracuse, but one that at the moment can’t be controlled. However, if we doo give these individuals some where to stay will that just increase the number of homeless here are in the city and to what extent are we truly helping them move forward. Maybe to consider when thinking about an address as mention in the previous comment you can possibly establish guidelines and rules for obtaining the address, which may force them to take advantage of the resource but also move forward.

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