Gabriela Maiza

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  1. If Destiny were to extend its financial gains to the city of Syracuse as opposed to being an inward-looking tourist trap, there most certainly would be positive effects on the urban population. By decentralizing its shopping and dispersing it throughout the city, shoppers would be encouraged to explore Syracuse on foot. They would need to enter the city as opposed to driving through it on 81. However, as the critique mentions, would doing something like this cause an even larger rift to form between classes and neighborhoods? Ideally, the massive influx of stores would draw people downtown, thus allowing for the expansion of a wide variety of commerce throughout the area. This would create more jobs for those who live near downtown, and would possibly allow those without the means to own a car to find work more easily in a city that is so centered around car culture. Of course this is an idealistic approach, but we need to start somewhere, no?

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